Une question générale sur la course à pied qui mérite un débat ? C'est ici
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actually somewhat treasures outside its disrelish, Huaihailu Road only then more showed Shanghai as a city grade, style and fashion. The length of approximately 6000 meters of Huaihailu Road is divided into East, West, in the three section, the most prosperous of the lot for the Shaanxi road to Tibet road about 2000 meters of commercial street, with more than 400 famous shops, clothing, shoes and hats to the exquisite workmanship, novel style and good reputation both at home and abroad, and in Chinese and Western restaurants, cafe, bookstore, in addition to the extremely rich human landscape, national cultural relic protection unit a large venue, the Communist Youth League central site, Zhongshan house, Song Qingling's all along the road near, all kinds of Garden Villa, villas, parks around it, the United States, France, Japan and other consul Shanghai Museum and library are also located here. Coupled with the surrounding several elegant quiet Branch Road -- Taicang Road, road, road, Ruijin Road, think of

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