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will be able to enjoy the fun of mobile office whenever and wherever possible. But most of the time, you need to find a suitable seat, preferably have a small table, so you can comfortably carry operation. But if you only laptop computers, one thirty while to find a suitable place to rest, then how to do? Just have a look at this very portable belt computer desk! Its appearance and method of use are similar with belt, as long as it will be fixed at the waist line, due to its own mechanical structure can provide firm support for notebook computer. With the belt computer desk, you don't need to find a suitable place to use the laptop and heavy-hearted. Tape computer desk laptop itself only to solve the problem of portable, to really could use it whenever and wherever possible, at least one put the computer desk. In order to solve this problem, some people to design a sling computer desk. It can be directly tied to your body, in front of the plane can be used for placing the computer, with such a product, you



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