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like gyro equally rotated back and forth, and white-collar workers chose to raise a flower as a relaxation method, can let the nerves in the watering slowly calming down. But after all the flowers need time to irrigate, but sometimes work a busy, completely forget the existence of, so that raise a flower to become defeats. Today introduced this product can solve this problem. It adopts the double layer design, the outer layer is a transparent glass, the inner layer of the flowerpot body is made of terra cotta earthenware, between the two layers is a hollow sandwich. As a result of pottery itself has very good permeability, so you only need to be irrigated to the hollow interlayer inside, the flower of the soil can use pottery permeability to absorb moisture. With such a pot, you will never forget watering because of trouble, and so the design is more pleasing than the traditional flower pot!
Customers in the small courtyard under the pomegranate tree design and designers. Each diamond is carefully


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